Meet the Mets: Part Four- The Catchers

Let’s talk about the catchers!

I know our catching situation wasn’t ideal this season. d’Arnaud was out for a big chunk of the season, and played hurt for the remainder of it (not too great this season, Travis. Don’t let me down!). Plawecki was banished to the minor leagues (sigh). And Rene Rivera was consistent on defense, but his numbers offensively weren’t too stellar either. But we hung in there!!! Let’s put the catchers under the proverbial microscope (SNY reference!!) and see what we have going on here…

Let’s start with d’Arnaud. I love d’Arnaud so much and it really was painful to watch him struggle so bad this season. I know nobody wants to say it out loud, but Rivera really did take over as the starting catcher when things started to heat up at the end of the season for the Mets. d’Arnaud was such a big piece for the Mets when they were in the World Series. His importance level was right up there with Cespedes and Conforto. It really, really killed me to watch him struggle so bad this season. The Mets are planning on staying in house for the catching situation this season,so that means d’Darnaud is going to get another chance, and I really think that is all he needs! He is too good to be a back up catcher. We all saw what d’Arnaud was capable of, and I really really hope that he gets back to that 2017.

Next let’s talk about Rene Rivera. Rivera came to the Mets like 10 seconds before the season started this year. He quickly became a huge piece for the Mets because d’Arnaud went on the DL so early in the season. Very quickly into Riveras time with the Mets, Rivera became Noah Syndergaards personal catcher. He was really a necessity for the Mets this season with d’Arnaud struggling so bad. He wasn’t anything to write home about on offense compared to what we have seen from d’Arnaud, but he did come through with a couple BIG hits. He was the first hit for the Mets in the Wildcard game!!!! I don’t think ANYONE saw that one coming!! I had more money on Syndergaard getting a hit before Rivera! Rivera was so good for our young pitchers. He always took control and ran out to the mound the second he felt his pitcher was losing it a little bit. He really acted as a couch in those situations and I really think it helped a lot! Especially with Syndergaard. We all know Syndergaard has an issue with holding runners on base, and even more so when Rivera is not his ¬†battery mate. The Mets realized that veryyyyy quickly. I really like Rivera. I think he is good for the team, and even better for my boy Syndergaard. I like Rene. He can stay.

(There are no gifs of Rivera pls don’t hate me sorry)

Last but not least, my favorite back up to the back up catcher, Kevin Plawecki!!!!! I don’t care what anyone says, I love Plawecki so much and I genuinely think that he can be a really good ball player. He has a CANNON of an arm and he can be really good offensively if he played consistently. Right now, there is not much room for Plawecki in New York, and that breaks my heart. I really think he is too good to be in Vegas. He tore up Vegas before September call ups. He had a ton of home runs and he was really starting to prove himself. I hate that he isn’t a constant on the team. I really, really think that Plawecki could be great!!! A lot of people don’t like Plawecki and I don’t get it??? He’s a rookie, all rookies are going to play like they’re rookies until they get consistent playing time. I bet you all that d’Arnaud gets hurt again at some point in 2017, and will see a lot more of Plawecki. Fingers crossed he stays for a while!!! Love him!