Meet the Mets: Part Three- The Outfield


Lets talk about the outfield!!

I know there has been a lot of talk about who will actually be in the outfield next year, so let’s take a break from stressing over Cespedes and reflect on what our outfield situation was this season!!! (you know, only the important ones so like not De Aza…..) I can’t really go position by position for this one, since everyone really played all over the place, so bare with me!!

Okay lets start with the biggest disappointment of my entire life-Jay Bruce. I was sooooo excited when I heard we got Jay Bruce. He was leading the league in RBI’s and he had almost 30 home runs for the Reds this season. But then he came to the Mets, and literally forgot how to play baseball. He had like 3 and a half home runs and 4 RBI’s from August to October. He swung the bat like a major league player like twice at the end of September and everyone thought he was the next coming of christ????? STOP. I really don’t like Jay Bruce. I’m hoping that the Mets picked up his option so that they can trade him. Sorry ūüôā

Next let’s discuss Curtis Granderson. Granderson just won the Roberto Clemente Award for all he does to give back to the community. What a guy!! Not only is Granderson a nice guy, but hes not a bad ball player! Granderson spent most of his time this season in right field, but made his way over to center when Disappo- I mean Jay Bruce came over to the Mets. Granderson kind of solidified his spot in center when Cespedes hurt his quad and could no longer play there. Wherever Terry threw him, Granderson never once complained or under-performed. He is an incredible defender and he is no slouch at the plate. Yes, he had some slumps throughout the season, but so did every other Met. What counts is that he had a hot streak at just the right time. Granderson really broke out of his slump in a huge way during those last few weeks of the season. We were right in the Wildcard race and Granderson is a huge reason why we got there. That game where he pinch hit and hit TWO HOME RUNS?!?!?!?!?!?!? That was amazing!! I am so happy to have Curtis Granderson on this team. He is such a classy guy and plays the game how it should be played. He is another one that never shows his frustration or excitement too much. I think that is such an important, admirable quality to have in today’s day and age!! Love you, Curtis!!

Touchy subject right now, I know, but let’s talk about Cespedes. I wrote a whole post on Cespedes and what I think he means to the team, so I won’t go into any contract issues right now. Let’s just discuss how great he is and think about happy things!!! Cespedes, from the second he stepped foot in New York, has been the key to the Mets success. He is a very¬†very¬†very¬†dangerous bat, not only in the Mets line up, but all throughout out Major League Baseball. He really is just so smart at the plate. He knows when to go for the big hit, but he also knows when he needs to just advance the runner and get back into the dugout. He has great at bats and will do anything to get the Mets a win. I know I am very Cabrera biased, but Cespedes was paying hurt at the end of the season too! He wasn’t as hurt as Cabrera, but at times you could see that he was physically in pain and uncomfortable out there. He didn’t have a history making hot streak at the end of this season, but he is a huge reason why the Mets got as far as they did. It is so obvious that the Mets are a totally different team (in a bad way) when Cespedes is missing. He played a great center field for us before he got hurt, and played a very solid left field while he was hurt. He makes every play and is always making headlines. Cespedes needs to sign with the Mets for next year. I like our chances much more when Cespedes is on our roster.

Last but not least, I want to talk about one of my favorites ever!!! Mr. Michael Conforto!! I know he had a rough season. I know he was in the minor leagues for a little but, but he is currently, and will continue¬†to be so good and I’ll take Conforto over De Aza or Lagares any day of the week. We saw what he could do when he made his debut last year. He was just as important to the Mets World Series run as Cespedes was. It was his second year in the major leagues, and he was in a bit of a slump!! Apparently this occurs often enough that there’s even a name for it!!! Sophomore slump!!! There is actual baseball terminology for what Conforto was experiencing this year, so I’m not too sure why ¬†everyone is jumping ship on Conforto!!! Do we not remember how powerful he was last year??? He was a huuuuuuuuuge huge huge ¬†piece for the Mets last year. He was in the major leagues for like 6 minutes and he was starting in the World Series!! They didn’t let him do that for his good looks, the Mets obviously saw something in him. I hate that TC was nagging him about how he didn’t have any confidence left when it was literally TC’s fault!! He won’t play Conforto against leftys, but then complains that Conforto can’t hit leftys!!???!?!?!?!?!!! HOW CAN HE LEARN HOW TO HIT LEFTYS IF YOU WON’T LET HIM PLAY AGAINST LEFTYS????????????? I was really irritated by how the Conforto situation was handled this season. I understood sending him down for a hot second at the end of June just to kind of give him a little bit of a breather, but I did not think he should have been there for that long. I also don’t think he should have been sent down AGAIN later in the season!!!!! Yes, Conforto was in a slump. But he wasn’t getting consistent playing time, and when they did let him play he was used as a pinch hitter. Pinch hitting is not Conforto’s game!!! (I get it hes a major league player and should be able to do whatever is asked for him but hes like 7 years old so back off him) How long was Jay Bruce in a slump??? 5 maybe 6 years??? And Terry STILL put him in the line up LITERALLY every day!!!! But Conforto hit a slump and he was banished to Vegas for a decade. I could go on forever about how I angry I am at how the Mets handled this, but I’ll get to the positives. HOW MANY great catches did Conforto make this year!! He literally had ¬†a headline making catch from every position he was put in. They had him playing center field for the first time in Miami. First ball hit was to center and Conforto made an AMAZING diving catch. He is an incredible ball player on both sides of the field!!!! I can’t wait for 2017 and all of the amazing things he is going to do for this team.Whether he is in left field, center field or even first base, Conforto is going to be a huge piece for the Mets. All the Mets have to do is realize that!!!