MVP of the Season

Taken by me, 9/23/16 at Citi Field


I know that the season is not over yet, but I feel like I have to express my appreciation for who I think was the, with out a doubt, most valuable player for the Mets this year- Asdrubal Cabrera.

When the Mets signed Cabrera in the off season, I don’t think anyone really realized what a huge piece he would be for this team. All anyone seemed to focus on was his age and kept saying that he “doesn’t have much range.” Well, here we are, 2 games away from a post season berth, being carried on the back of a half injured, obviously in pain, angel of a man, Asdrubal Cabrera.

Cabrera is one of those players that you kind of have to watch everyday to really understand how incredible he actually is. It seems every game he is making an amazing play and making it look routine, like it was nothing. Cabrera only has 7 errors on the season, and he’s played in, if not started a good 85-90% of the 158 games thus far (and I really doubt he will sit any of the rest… he refuses to let Terry sit him) (even though he can barely walk…) He missed about three weeks of the season back in  late July  – early August when he hurt his knee, and those three weeks of Cabby-absence were the epitome of struggle for the Mets

Since Cabby has been back with the team after his stint on the disabled list, he has consistently been the hottest bat in the Mets line up. He has continued to make amazing plays on the daily, and he has even stepped up into a much needed leadership position in the Clubhouse (since all of the previous “leaders” are now hurt and out for the rest of the season (Wright, Walker 😦 ) Just by running out onto that field everyday, so obviously in pain, shows the rest of the team that he is taking this play off push very seriously, and they should be, too.

The fact that Cabby is hurt and is producing more than anybody in this line up is amazing to me. What a guy!

I promise you, if we did not have Cabrera, we would not be in the incredible position that we are in right now.

We are very lucky to have him on our team this year, and even luckier to have him with us again next year!

We would be nowhere with out you, Cabby!! Thank you!!


Jose Fernandez

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In the early hours of Sunday, September 27, 2016, Major League Baseball lost one of its brightest stars and most promising talents. 24 year old Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident off the coast if Miami Beach.

This tragedy hit Major League Baseball really hard, and left the baseball world devastated, speechless, and almost numb.

Jose Fernandez was a pitcher for the Miami Marlins. He was Rookie of the Year in 2013, played in two All Star Games in three years, and was well on his way to becoming one of the greatest pitchers in baseball.

Jose was truly an incredible ballplayer, but what will be remembered most is just how kind he was, how excited he was to be playing, the joy and energy he brought to everyone he met and everyone who watched him do what he loved. Hearts all over the world are broken because of this incomprehensible loss.

Jose has a history with the Mets. In 2013, he made his Major League debut in out own Citi Field. As mentioned while being interviewed about Jose, Terry Collins said all it took was one pitch that day for everyone to realize that what Jose had was something very special.

Before their game on that tragic day, some of the Mets spoke to the media about this horrible tragedy:

It is easy to tell that this really devastated the Mets Clubhouse, as I’m sure it did every clubhouse.

Thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Jose Fernandez during this difficult time. He will be greatly missed.

The Worst News

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Let’s talk about deGrom 😦

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, the Mets announced that Jacob deGrom would likely be shut down for the rest of the season.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, it was announced that deGrom would indeed be having season ending surgery to repair the ulnar nerve in his elbow.

We’ve all needed a bit of time to grieve the tremendous loss that is Jacob deGrom, and while others have moved on and accepted this news, I, dramatically, have not.

Personally, I think that the Mets are trying to kill me…here’s why…on Friday September 16, the Mets announced that deGrom was healing perfectly!!! So good in fact that he was going to be taking the mound on Sunday, September 18!!!!! Yes!!! Finally!!!!  You could imagine how happy I was when I read that, as deGrom just so happens to be my favorite human being…ever… in the whole world. This happiness lasted a little over 12 hours, right up until the Mets announced that deGrom would not be starting on Sunday, but instead was likely to be needing surgery on his ulnar nerve that had been causing him discomfort in his elbow and numbness in two fingers (for 5 starts…. those Mets doctors are really on top of things!!! A pitcher can’t feel two of his fingers!!! Let’s see how long it takes for those fingers to fall off, and then maybe we’ll see about giving him some medical attention!!).

The Mets confirmed on Tuesday 9/20 that he would in fact be undergoing surgery, ultimately ending his season. And I was really sad about it….

deGrom underwent successful surgery on Wednesday 9/21 in New York, and is expected to be ready to go for the start of spring training (3 month recovery time). But I’m sure his arms will fall out of their sockets 6 times between now and then, but the doctors will tell him hes fine!!!!

What a huge loss this is for the Mets, a team built around what should have been rock solid starting pitching. deGrom wasn’t as d(eGr)ominant this season as he was in the past, but he was still pretty amazing, if you ask me and my deGrom bias. (Really though, he pitched really well this season, numb fingers and all).

I’m still grieving, but, the Mets are still right in the middle of a play off push, so those rookies better keep up the good work!! They have huuuuuuuge shoes to fill!!

See you in spring training, Jake!! ( with the other half of the injured starting rotation!!! ) (How is this team not 600000 games under 500?????)

Just a Short Rant..


Let’s talk about how mad I am

Over the course of the season, the Mets have played some pretty tough teams. We lost pretty bad to the Nationals, but still won a few. We took 2 of 3 from the Cardinals in the last series. We even swept the Cubs in the first series this season (which I am still very proud of, they’re really good). These teams are all in the running for, if not already have, spots in the post season…and the Mets managed to get a few wins here and there.

And then we have the Atlanta Braves. The Mets just cannot figure out how to beat the Braves. The braves have now won their last 5 straight games at Citi Field, and I can’t tell you how aggravating it is to watch (but if you’re reading this, I don’t even have to tell you. You feel my pain.)

Lead by first baseman Freddie Freeman (the bane of my existence), the Braves have the worst record of the National League East, with only 60 wins and 91 losses. SO WHY CAN’T THE METS, THE PENNANT WINNING, 2015 NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS, WORLD SERIES PLAYING METS BEAT THE BRAVES???????!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!?!?
To be fair, the Mets did take 2 of 3 in the last series in Atlanta, but they really haven’t taken advantage of just how mediocre the Braves actually are. Their ace can only pitch one time per series, so the “they have good pitching” excuse cannot be used here. Yes, Julio Teheran is a very good pitcher, I know. Yes, the rookie short stop Swanson is going to be really good and yes, Freedie Freeman is on a 28 game hitting streak *eye roll*. But I still see no reason why the Mets should have such issues beating this wayyyyyyy under 500 team.
If you couldn’t tell, I really REALLY really really hate the Braves. I might hate the Mets more for losing to them so often. Ugh.
Expect an angrier post tomorrow if the Mets lose to them tonight. 🙂



Let’s talk about injuries

The 2016 New York Mets have been plagued by injuries throughout the entire season.

Here we have a list of Mets that have landed on the disabled list and have missed extensive playing time this year

  • David Wright
  • Lucas Duda
  • Matt Harvey
  • Juan Lagares
  • Yoenis Cespedes
  • Asdrubal Cabrera
  • Travis d’Arnaud
  • Jose Reyes
  • Justin Ruggiano
  • Wilmer Flores
  • Jim Henderson
  • Zack Wheeler
  • Jacob deGrom
  • Steven Matz
  • Neil Walker

Here we have a list of the opening day starting line up

  • Curtis Granderson (RF)
  • David Wright (3B)
  • Yoenis Cespedes (LF)
  • Lucas Duda (1B)
  • Neil Walker (2B)
  • Michael Conforto (DH)
  • Asdrubal Cabrera (SS)
  • Travis d’Arnaud (C)
  • Juan Lagares (CF)
  • Matt Harvey (P)

If you do the math, 8 of our 10 (AL field) starters have landed on the disabled list this season. The only two who have not are Curtis Granderson and Michael Conforto (Conforto also missed time this season, as he was sent down to AAA Las Vegas) (which was the worst time of my life).

If I were to sit here and type out every reason why each of these players have landed on the DL, we would be here for 6 years, so I’ll save all of us time and tell you who was able to return to the field, and who was not.

  • David Wright- season ending surgery mid June
  • Lucas Duda-surgery mid May, making a return this Saturday 9/17/16
  • Matt Harvey- season ending surgery early July
  • Juan Lagares- surgery late July, made a return on 9/16/16
  • Yoenis Cespedes- currently not hurt (he’s still hurt but he’s being very nice to us and playing anyway)
  • Asdrubal Cabrera- currently not hurt (also still hurt, admitted he would not be playing if we weren’t in a play off push. What a guy. Love you, Cabby)
  • Travis d’Arnaud- he’s not currently hurt, but he’s made of glass so it’s only a matter of time
  • Jose Reyes- he’s healthy, he’s killing it, everyone is happy (except Familia after that blown save. He might not be so hapy.)
  • Justin Ruggiano- season ending surgery late August
  • Wilmer Flores- 😦 currently unavailable due to a sore wrist after a (terrifying) collision at home plate, and I’m really sad about it. Should be able to play again soon!!
  • Jim Henderson- currently healthy
  • Zack Wheeler- was planning on returning to the rotation this season, but all rehab was shut down in August. Maybe next season 😦
  • Jacob deGrom- season ending surgery announced on 9/20/16 and I’m emotionally devastated.
  • Steven Matz- still on DL, but making improvements. Scheduled to start on Friday 9/23/16 if everything stays okay between now and then (but you know the Mets, I’m sure his arm will fall out if its socket between now and then)
  • Neil Walker- season ending surgery early September. And I’m still grieving. (Sandy Alderson, if you’re reading this, we want him back next year. Please and thank you.)

Considering this entire team is accident prone and gets hurt by just stepping onto a baseball field, it’s really hard to comprehend how they’re still in the running for a play off spot. They really kicked it into high gear as of late, and have shown how much fight they have in them, despite their broken limbs and half-healthy players.

Final Nationals Series Recap

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Let’s talk about the Nationals

September 12 – September 14 of 2016, the New York Mets played their final series of the regular season against their division rivals, the Washington Nationals. Leading the National League East division with a 10 game lead over the Mets, the Nationals have now taken 12 of 19 games against the Mets this season. Yikes.

It’s really no question that the Nationals are going to win the division this year. The Nats always have a solid line up. But this season, with the addition of former Mets second baseman, Daniel Murphy, the Nats are like a concrete wall. And the only tool given to the Mets to try to break through it was a butter knife.

The first game of this series took place on Monday night in DC. Rafael Montero took the mound for New York, while it was Mat Latos getting the start for the Nats. Neither of these pitchers have great numbers, nor are they original starters in their organization’s rotation. And boy did it show (for the Mets, at least).

Montero, who has been given many opportunities over the last couple of years to really show his stuff in the big leagues, didn’t even give the Mets a chance to try and win this game. The only reason that Montero was getting the start in this big of a situation, is because starters Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz are both currently dealing with injuries and are still unavailable (sigh). Montero gave up 6 runs in just 1 and 2/3 innings. He gave up a home run to the PITCHER. Come on. After the game, Terry said that someone else will get the start next time around if need be. Montero is done. (thank god).

Personally, I think Terry took way to long to take Montero out, but shoulda, woulda coulda, right??

Mat Latos, former White Sox reliever, actually pitched pretty well. Not well enough for the Mets to only score one run off of him, but he pitched pretty well. Latos had to leave the game due to an injury, two outs away from being eligible for the win.

The Mets lost that one 8-1.

The second game of the series seemed to be going a lot smoother for the Mets, or at least that’s what we thought! Because nothing can ever come easy for us Mets fans, am I right?

The Mets had Noah Syndergaard on the mound, while the Nats sent out rookie A.J. Cole.

As anticipated, Noah Syndergaard pitched yet another gem, fanning 10 strikeouts over 7 innings pitched. Noah was absolutely on fire. He picked up his 200th career strikeout, and seemed to be in cruise control for most of the game. He is truly incredible, but that’s not news!

The Mets took a 3-1 lead into the ninth and handed their fate over to the ever trustworthy, Jeurys Familia. Familia is arguably the best closer in all of baseball, so I usually don’t have too much anxiety when he is on the mound. But this time, boy was my anxiety in for a treat.

After a few too many errors by third baseman Jose Reyes, the Nationals tied the game at 3 in the bottom of the ninth. This was only Familia’s fourth blown save of the year, which is extremely impressive (it wasn’t even his fault.*cough* REYES *cough*…anyway…)

The Mets ended up winning this game off of the bat of the rookie infielder, T.J. Rivera. Rivera hit a solo home run off of another amazing closer, former Pirate, Mark Melancon. This was Rivera’s first major league home run. Pretty impressive! You can stay, T.J., I like you!

Jerry Blevins put the final nail into the Nats coffin, striking out the ever so dangerous Daniel Murphy (and it was extremely satisfying to watch).

The Mets won this one 4-3 in the 10th.

The last game of the series was not so fun to watch. The Mets sent their rookie, Rob Gsellman to the mound, while the Nats had Tanner Roark (he is really good).

Rob Gsellman kept the Nats off the board for 5.2 innings. Yet another impressive outing from the rookie. Don’t hate him at all!!

Although the Nats were kept off of the board, so were the Mets. We all know what happens when the Mets have runners in scoring position, right? N O T H I N G. Nothing happens when the Mets have runners in scoring position. Nothing. Ever.

The Mets would lose this one 1-0. Fernando Salas gave up a solo home run to Wilson Ramos in the bottom of the seventh.

Thank you God that we don’t have to play the Nats again in the regular season. The bats of that killer Nationals line up were fairly quiet as of late, and I can just sense that they’re ready to attack…. noooooo thank you! Bye bye Nationals!! Dare I say… see you in the post season!?!?!?!?!?!