About Me

Let’s talk about the Mets!!!

I’m Sam, I’m a 20 year old girl from New Jersey that has an unhealthy need to know anything and everything about the New York Mets.

Here’s some things about be that might help you get a better feel of who I am!

  1. I’ve been a Met fan since the day I was born. Both of my parents are life long Mets fans, so I never  even had a chance to escape it!
  2. The hardest question for me to answer is “who is your favorite met?” I have a four  way tie. Jacob deGrom, Wilmer Flores, Michael Conforto, and Neil Walker (RIP) all hold equal (large) amounts of space in my heart. (The best day of the week is always whatever day deGrom is pitching. So he might be my favorite. But don’t tell anyone that.)
  3. I promise you that I can hold my own in a real conversation about the Mets/ baseball.
  4. stress out if I’m not able to watch a game. If I have school, work, or anything that will prevent me from sitting somewhere for 3 hours to watch the game, I will constantly check my phone for game updates, which makes it very hard to focus on anything else!
  5. I try my very hardest to stay very up to date on all things Mets. Whether it be the score of the game, an injured players rehab status and everything in between, I will always be up to date with the latest news on it all.
  6. I go to my fair share of games, so if I post a picture, I will be sure to indicate whether it is one of mine or not!
  7. My posts will be written in the voice of a 20 year old, semi-obsessed, sarcastic girl. This is because I am a 20 years old, semi-obsessed, sarcastic girl (and proud).

I’m going to be doing a “Meet the Mets” series where I discuss and give my opinions on the players and staff. The players series will be posted by position (pitchers, infield, bullpen ect.) Hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!