Meet the Mets: Part Five- The Bullpen

Let’s talk about the bullpen!!!

We all know FAR too well that no lead is big enough if you don’t have a strong bullpen. The Mets bullpen is one of the best in baseball, even if they choke in important situations *eye roll*…. so let’s get started. You know the deal, only the influential players will be mentioned… so like NOT Verrett…

Let’s start with Blevins. I am SOOOOO nervous about whats going to happen with Blevins. He’s a free agent, and there has been ZERO talk of the Mets making any moves toward trying to make him a Met again. That stresses me out. Blevins was sooooo good for us this year. He was always so consistent and rarely ever gave up the lead when one was handed to him. I never had a sick feeling in my stomach when Blevins walked in from the bullpen, and that’s more than I can say for some other relievers whose names I will not mention……. I really hope that the Mets will think about resigning Blevins. I really think that he is great and I think that the Mets need him. I’d love to have Blevins back in a Met uniform next season, the team will be much better off with Blevins in the bullpen!

Next let’s discuss Robles. Remember that sick feeling in my stomach I was talking about before??? I’m still not going to name names,  but HANSEL ROBLES is the founder of the sick feeling in my stomach. There was a little bit of a stink in the beginning to the middle of the season where he was really good and very consistent and I loved it!!! But then, he was SO BAD for a very long time and all of the love that I had for Hansel Robles was gone. Every time a pitching change was made, I prayed to every baseball god that TC used his brain and didn’t hand a very small lead over to the rarely reliable Hansel Robles. But you know Terry!!!! He handed the very small lead over to the rarely reliable Hansel Robles, and that makes me want to literally bash my head through the wall, but what can ya do!!! Long story short, Robles was good for about 6 seconds and now hes bad. The end.

Now for my favorite man in the bullpen, Addison Reed!!! It literally does not get any better than Addison Reed. He is SO consistent and he rarely ever makes a mistake. There are no sick feelings in my stomach when Reed is on the mound. I really think that he would make an incredible closer, but I’ll take him as my 8th inning man any day of the week. When you think about it, we are so lucky to have someone that could be a CLOSER as our 8th INNING guy!!! With everything that is going on with Familia, we might need Reed to close a couple of games for us next season… who knows!!!!! Whenever Reed is walking off of the mound back into the dug out, he always tips his hat back off of the top of his head, and my favorite thing ever is when he pitches a great inning and all the guys in the dugout tip their hats back too!!! Reed is too good, we are very lucky!!!!!!

What other way would I close this post than with the closer himself?!?!?!? Jeurys Familia!!! It feels like every time Familia pitches he breaks another record. He had over 50 saves this year and broke his own record in Mets franchise history for the most saves in a single season. I think Familia only had 5 blown saves all season… and we are not going to talk about them… You might think, because of his numbers, that he doesn’t give me that sick feeling in my stomach, right? WRONG. Familia is the president of the sick feeling in my stomach, who might have just been promoted after the wildcard game…. I know that there is a lot of controversy around the topic of Jeurys Familia right now, as he has been accused and brought up on charges in a domestic violence case (all charges have been dropped at this point in time) but that doesn’t take anything away from how incredible of a ballplayer he is (maybe not in October, but you know what I mean.) Mets fans should consider themselves very lucky to have the stacked up bullpen and closer that they do.

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