Neil Walker

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Via New York Post

Let’s talk about Walker!!!!!!

I am so happy to say that Neil Walker has picked up his qualifying offer for one year and $17.2 million with the New York Mets!

If you’ve read literally any of my posts previous to this one, you will know that I am a HUGE Neil Walker fan. It absolutely broke my heart when he needed to have season ending surgery on his neck, missing a little over a month at the end of the season. I am SO happy that Walker is going to go back with the Mets next season. I really would have been upset if he deceded to go another way!

This is absolutely huge for the Mets. They are really set (infield wise) now. They have multiple options for every position, and their offense is really going to be stacked from both sides of the plate.

Now that Walker is offically back with the Mets, I am even more excited to have Cabrera with us for another season. Those two are like a wall at short and second. Nothing, nothing gets passed them. They work so well together. They are always one step ahead of each other and they make every. single. play. It’s amazing.

Let’s not forget the offensive greatness that Walker adds to the line up! I know nobody forgets how well he played from the end of July when he broke out of his slump, right up until the very last day the doctors let him play. He was, without a doubt, the hottest bat in the Mets line up in that time span. He was in a slump for like two weeks, and that seemed like two years because of how well he played the rest of the season.

Neil Walker is such a great piece for the Mets to have under their belt. I know he is coming off of major surgery, and that has everything to do with why he took the qualifying offer with the Mets, but I think he is still going to be such a steady, consistent player for the Mets. I am really getting excited with how this team is starting to look. All that’s left to do is sign Cespedes and I will be the happiest girl in America!!!!

Good to have you back, Neil!!!

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