Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon
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Okay, I have bad news.

Bartolo Colon has signed a deal with the Atlanta Braves. Physical is pending right now, but everything is pretty much settled.

I am really ANGRY ABOUT THIS. If you read my post about the Braves a couple of months ago, you would know that I HATE the Braves. I hate them with the same amount of hatred that I have for the Nationals. I hate the Braves, I hate Freddie Freeman. I hate that we can’t seem to figure out how to beat the Braves. AND NOW I HATE THAT WE LOST OUR MOST DEPENDABLE PITCHER TO THE BRAVES.

Bartolo Colon, without question, was the most important pitcher on our roster this season. When the pitching walls were burning to the ground, you looked up and saw Bartolo on the mound and knew we were getting that win. This is such a tremendous loss for this Mets team.

All of the young pitchers in the clubhouse idolize Colon. They all speak so fondly of him and appreciate all they have learned from just being in his presence. I think they are going to be really upset by this news. As I write this, the news has been out for all of 10 minutes, and Noah Syndergaard already tweeted:

These guys are going to be really upset. They love him more than any of us!

This is going to be Bartolo’s 20th season as a Major League ball player. His level of skill and ability to pitch the way he does at this age (43) amazes absolutely everyone in Major League Baseball.

The Mets will always be able to say that Bartolo Colon was wearing a Mets uniform when he hit his first Major League home run.

I wish nothing but the best of luck to Bartolo as he continues his, what I think will be, hall of fame worthy career. Mets fans will forever be thankful for Big Sexy.

I am sad:(

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