Meet the Mets: Part One-The Starting Pitchers

Via New York Daily News

Lets talk about the pitchers!!!!

My five favorite men in all the baseball land!!! I’m very biased, but I think the Mets have one of the best starting rotations in all of baseball…when they’re all healthy. I’m not going to go into all of the replacements we had this season, because who has the time for that… I’m just going to stick to the five guys that we started with! The real starters! The ones that don’t make me want to bash my head through a wall!! (so like..not Verrett…)

Let’s start with my boy Matt Harvey. I know he didn’t have the best season this year (because he was pitching with 16 broken ribs……….) but I still think he is one of the best, most intimidating, motivated pitchers in all of baseball. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty nervous to step in the box and face the guy with blood dripping down his face… It was torture having to go more than half the season with out him. He is one of my favorites, and call me crazy, but you can definitely notice when Matt Harvey isn’t around. He’s truly something special, and I can’t wait until he is healthy next season!! You can’t get very far without Matt Harvey. #HappyHarveyDay

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Next, let’s discuss Steven Matz, the “Long Island Lethal Lefty” who also can’t seem to stay healthy! From the second Matz stepped foot in the major leagues (remember his first game and all those extra base hits…) New York immediately knew he was something special! Him and his family have been die hard Mets fans all their lives, so it’s pretty special for him to be playing for his team in front of his family now. If Matz could stay healthy, he really could be amazing. He had the longest no hit bid for the Mets this season, bringing it all the way to the 8th. He was never the same (health wise) after that game, but wow, what a game that was! He was so consistent all season long, bone spurs and all. He is a major part of the rotation. He makes us so much stronger. If we could keep him healthy we can get really far. He was a rookie starting games in the World Series!!! He’s no joke. Don’t mess with the lethal lefty. #LetsGoMatz

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Where would the Mets be with out ole faithful, Bartolo Colon. Bartolo absolutely carried the pitching staff throughout the whole season. He’s 43 years old and lead the team in wins and innings pitched. He is really incredible. He was not only the go-to guy if we needed to give the bullpen a break, he pitched tremendously all season long. You felt real confident when you knew Big Sexy was pitching. And!!!! He hit his first career home run this season!!! An award worthy home run that shook the baseball world to its very core. Word on the street is, ever since Bartolo hit that home run in San Diego, James Shields (the pitcher who Bart took deep) was never the same for the rest of the season. Big Sexy broke him. The Mets are looking into resigning him for the 2017 season, and I fully support it. You know someone is going to get hurt, and you know Big Sexy is going to save the season once again. That’s just how he rolls! This will be his 20th season in the major leagues. That’s literally longer than I’ve been alive. He’s incredible.

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Now let’s talk about the new face of the Mets Organization- Noah Syndergaard. You may know him as Thor. Let me tell you, this guy is the realllll dealllll. He is absolutely fearless (remember that first pitch of the World Game…I know you do) He literally throws over 100 mph. You can’t even see his pitches, let alone hit them. He really is a forced to be reckoned with. Noah has taken New York City by storm over the last year. Everyone is talking about the pitcher with the long blonde hair that throws 100 mph and calls himself Thor. He’s amazing and people notice. Let’s talk about how he handled the biggest game of his whole life!!! That wildcard game he threw was NOTHING short of excellence. He went deep into the game and kept it scoreless. He pitched literally all season with bone spurs in his elbow, but he never once complained about it. He was the ace of our broken staff all season long, and lived up to his name during that wildcard game. We didn’t win, I know. But Noah Syndergaard pitched his little butt off. And I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else on the mound. He is the key to our pitching success. That is a bold statement, but its the truth. There’s no way we make it to World Series without Noah. P.S. He hit some home runs this season!! He is nothing short of impressive on both sides of the ball. Good for Noah.

And last but definitely not least…. my favorite ever in the world…Jacob deGrom. Rookie of the year in 2014, struck out the side in the All Star Game in 2015, pitched in the world series, etc. This man is amazing. He is one of the only people who can still pitch a gem when he doesn’t have his best stuff. His demeanor on the mound is so classy. You’ll never know if he is leading by 10 or losing by 10. He just goes out there, doesn’t try to do too much, makes his pitches and gets back into the dugout as quick as possible. Jake didn’t have his best season this year either. He was (secretly) hurt for a good portion of it,missed some time in the beginning of the season when his son was born, and was just so obviously exhausted from pitching in the post season last year. Last year’s great run really took a toll on the young pitchers of our staff, and the fact that they all still pitched as well as they did is amazing to me. Jake threw a complete game, one-hit shutout in mid July against the Phillies. That was the first complete game of his career! That is amazing! And he only gave up one hit!! He went on a scoreless streak for like 4 or 5 straight games at one point!! He had some lower than lows this season, but he had some really good games this season too!! He really is an amazing pitcher. He’s so humble and never gets too excited or too upset. He was a shortstop in college, so that experience makes him an incredible fielder as well! He is just the wholeeee package. I can not wait to see him pitch again. #deGrominant

He got that ball!!!! HOW!?!?!?!?!?!



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