Jose Reyes

I took this at the last Friday home game of the season vs the Phillies!!

Lets talk about Reyes!

Over the last couple of days, a lot of buzz on the Mets picking up Jose Reyes’ option has been flying around the Mets universe. Personally, I am ecstatic about this move, and I think the team will be better for it.

In the middle of this passed season, there was soooooo much controversy on the Mets resigning Reyes. Reyes physically assaulted his wife and was suspended for a long time before the Mets decided to take him in (again). A lot of people were against it, including me. Reyes did a horrible, unforgivable thing, and that is completely understood and inexcusable. He was punished for it, he admitted he was wrong and deeply regrets what he did. So the Mets took a chance on their former firecracker shortstop, and it paid off in dividends.

From the second Reyes entered the clubhouse, the entire energy of the team changed. You’ll never see Reyes without a big smile on his face, and I think that was contagious in the clubhouse. The team was happy and they were playing like they were happy! It was great! I didn’t notice it at the time of course, since I was so avidly against Reyes being anywhere near my perfect, pristine, Mets boys reputations. I hated that they had to be associated with him. The Mets organization works hard to maintain their classy, top notch reputation. I hated that Reyes was going to put a hugeeeee stain on the organization.

But then, he started getting hits!! And Stealing bases!! And manufacturing runs!!!! And it was so obvious that everyone on the team loved him, so I decided to stop wasting my energy pretending to not be happy when he got a hit, and just accept the fact that Jose Reyes is a Met. What he did to his wife was horrible. No one feels sorry for him. No one will forget the horrible thing he did.

One thing is for sure though, this team wouldn’t have come anywhere near a postseason berth without him. Reyes, Cabrera and Cespedes at the beginning of that lineup was like perfect symmetry. Those three really carried the team through that bad slump in August. Reyes was great on defense, playing a position that wasn’t where he naturally played.  That transition could have gone a lot worse. We were really lucky!

Having Reyes again next year really makes me feel like the people in the front office are going for that pennant. Reyes is always described as the most motivated player on the field, and thats exactly what we are going to need from him, and everyone else in the clubhouse, if we are going to go all the way next season!

Glad to have you back, Jose!

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