Gary Cohen

Via Mets Hot Corner

Let’s talk about Gary Cohen

So this weekend I read something that is worst than any Wilmer trade rumor or pitching staff injury combined- Gary Cohen’s contract is going to expire before the start of spring training 2017.

Although there is a very good chance that Gary will renew his contract with SNY, the mere thought of not hearing him call our games is terrifying to me! (I’m not at all dramatic!)

In all seriousness, Gary Cohen is one of, if not the best play-by-play man currently in the game. It is really hard for me to watch the ESPN or FOX broadcasts because of the lack of Gary Cohen. I literally mute the TV.

I would really be devastated if Gary did not renew his contract, but let’s be real, the Mets are his life. He loves being in the booth and it shows through his calls. He gets excited and that gets me excited!! I just love Gary 😦

Gary couldn’t do it alone though!! (Actually, I’m sure he could, but it’s more fun this way.) He is accompanied by Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, two very knowledgeable analysts and self proclaimed baseball comedians. I can’t remember where I saw this headline, but it read “New York Mets baseball announcers love to talk about anything but baseball”, which is 5 thousand percent true, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We are truly so lucky to have such a passionate team of broadcasters that love the game almost as much as they love each other, and to even think that there’s a slight chance that Gary wouldn’t be a part of it next year really upsets me!

Trade rumors are enough for me to have to worry about 24/7, I can’t deal with Gary rumors too!!



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