Wildcard Recap


Let’s talk about it….

The Mets lost the Wildcard game, ending their 2016 roller coaster of a season. I’m not going to make anyone relive the pain of watching that game. Instead I’m only going to talk about the positives from that game and the rest of this season (that could have ended MUCH worse…let’s be real…)

Let’s be honest, Syndergaard pitched the best game of his life, in THE BIGGEST game of his life. Truly, nothing more could have been asked of him. He was amazing over 7 shut out innings, fanning 10 strikeouts. He was amazing. I guess no one told Noah that the Giants don’t strike out much!

Let’s talk about that Granderson catch!! I swear I stopped breathing when that ball left the bat. I no way in the world thought that he was going to catch it. But then he did. And it was incredible. He really slammed against that padding, it hurt to watch. But Grandy being Grandy, didn’t even bat an eye, and just continued on playing like the veteran he is.

Unfortunately there isn’t much else to try and make positive about that game, but wow, what an intense, exciting one to watch. Say what you want about Mad Bum and the rest of the Giants, but the Mets really kept themselves in there, and for that, they should be extremely proud of themselves.

Two months ago, no one in a million, billion years thought the Mets would even have a 500 record at the end of the season, let alone play in the postseason! Through all of the injuries and key pieces dropping like flies, this postseason berth was SO improbable.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I am a very proud Met fan, and I am really looking forward to the vengeance this team will most definitely come back with in 2017.

(I’m actually dying on the inside) 🙂

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