2017 Season Predictions


Let’s talk about 2017!

So me and my dad are both going to write down what moves the Mets are going to make this off season, as well as what the 25 man roster will look like on opening day, and see who has a more accurate prediction list. I thought I’d share mine with my lovely readers 🙂

Off Season Moves

  • Mets will offer Neil Walker some kind of contract, and he will take it (and I will be the happiest girl in the whole world)
  • We will never see De Aza in a Mets uniform ever again. EVER again. BYE.
  • Mets will happily decline Jon Niese’s option. BYE.
  • Mets will resign Bartolo Colon
  • Something will happen with d’Arnaud. I’m not sure what just yet, but something is going to happen with d’Arnaud.
  • Mets will not resign James Loney
  • Mets will resign Jerry Blevins
  • Cespedes will opt out, the Mets will  offer him something else, and I think he will take it.
  • Mets will resign Jose Reyes
  • Mets will not resign Fernando Salas, and Lugo or Gsellman will take over as the 7th inning/ spot starter/ long man
  • I don’t think the Mets will resign Kelly Johnson
  • Mets will keep Jay Bruce (I don’t think they should, but they’re gonna)
  • Michael Conforto will be trained to play first base
  • TJ Rivera will solidify his spot on the roster

25 Man Roster

  1. Jose Reyes
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera
  3. Lucas Duda
  4. David Wright
  5. Wilmer Flores
  6. Michael Conforto
  7. Jay Bruce
  8. Curtis Granderson
  9. TJ Rivera
  10. Neil Walker
  11. Jacob deGrom
  12. Noah Syndergaard
  13. Steven Matz
  14. Matt Harvey
  15. Bartolo Colon (or Zack Wheeler????)
  16. Yoenis Cespedes (OR Brandon Nimmo if Ces opts out all together)
  17. Gsellman OR Lugo
  18. Jerry Blevins
  19. Hansel Robles
  20. Addison Reed
  21. Jeryus Familia
  22. Josh Edgin or Josh Smoker
  23. Rene Rivera
  24. New Catcher (OR Travis d’Arnaud if they decide to keep him around)
  25. Juan Lagares

Comment and let me know how wrong you think I am, along with your predictions!! I’d love to hear them!

Stay tuned for a post with my dads predictions!

One thought on “2017 Season Predictions”

  1. Very nice and I too am a Diehard Mets fan who at 59 lives in PA, but always a Mets. Since 1967. I had seasons tickets for 3.5 years between Shea and that place Wilpons made look like Ebbetts field plus I have a brick in front of citifield with my nam on it! I wear a Mets gold ring, two mets watches and gold chain with their logo I never remove plus many other clothes with Mets on it. I changed my office into a Mets shrine/ museum with thousands of dollars of Mets collectibles. So, do I qualify as a big Mets fan Freak? Since I live out of state, I would get blocked out of games, but I have MLB extra innings so I never miss a game. I see minor league Mets games and see them play at the Philly and National stadium. I can also see inter league games in Baltimore and since I was told they made Citifield better I plan to go there in 2017. Did I mention I have Mets floor mats?

    So, here is what I think:
    Colon is no longer a Met which is now fact.
    I believe Mets will retain walker and Cespedes with new contracts in place, but to do so they must trim money from another place: trade a package of Granderson, conforto, Lugo andd’naud to a team that can give us a solid player and highly touted prospects that can eventually take over at 3B, CF, 1B and catcher ( we will not fill all these positions, but perhaps two).

    I do not know if money is left, but I want writers for catcher and Dexter Fowler to man C? I also want pitcher Matt Holland for the bullpen. I like Smoker in the bullpen. I do not think Wright has anything left to give and they need to stop counting on him. When David realizes he should retire do to medical disabilities, I would love to have him as a coach and groom him for Manager.


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