MVP of the Season

Taken by me, 9/23/16 at Citi Field


I know that the season is not over yet, but I feel like I have to express my appreciation for who I think was the, with out a doubt, most valuable player for the Mets this year- Asdrubal Cabrera.

When the Mets signed Cabrera in the off season, I don’t think anyone really realized what a huge piece he would be for this team. All anyone seemed to focus on was his age and kept saying that he “doesn’t have much range.” Well, here we are, 2 games away from a post season berth, being carried on the back of a half injured, obviously in pain, angel of a man, Asdrubal Cabrera.

Cabrera is one of those players that you kind of have to watch everyday to really understand how incredible he actually is. It seems every game he is making an amazing play and making it look routine, like it was nothing. Cabrera only has 7 errors on the season, and he’s played in, if not started a good 85-90% of the 158 games thus far (and I really doubt he will sit any of the rest… he refuses to let Terry sit him) (even though he can barely walk…) He missed about three weeks of the season back in  late July  – early August when he hurt his knee, and those three weeks of Cabby-absence were the epitome of struggle for the Mets

Since Cabby has been back with the team after his stint on the disabled list, he has consistently been the hottest bat in the Mets line up. He has continued to make amazing plays on the daily, and he has even stepped up into a much needed leadership position in the Clubhouse (since all of the previous “leaders” are now hurt and out for the rest of the season (Wright, Walker 😦 ) Just by running out onto that field everyday, so obviously in pain, shows the rest of the team that he is taking this play off push very seriously, and they should be, too.

The fact that Cabby is hurt and is producing more than anybody in this line up is amazing to me. What a guy!

I promise you, if we did not have Cabrera, we would not be in the incredible position that we are in right now.

We are very lucky to have him on our team this year, and even luckier to have him with us again next year!

We would be nowhere with out you, Cabby!! Thank you!!

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