The Worst News

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Let’s talk about deGrom 😦

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, the Mets announced that Jacob deGrom would likely be shut down for the rest of the season.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, it was announced that deGrom would indeed be having season ending surgery to repair the ulnar nerve in his elbow.

We’ve all needed a bit of time to grieve the tremendous loss that is Jacob deGrom, and while others have moved on and accepted this news, I, dramatically, have not.

Personally, I think that the Mets are trying to kill me…here’s why…on Friday September 16, the Mets announced that deGrom was healing perfectly!!! So good in fact that he was going to be taking the mound on Sunday, September 18!!!!! Yes!!! Finally!!!!  You could imagine how happy I was when I read that, as deGrom just so happens to be my favorite human being…ever… in the whole world. This happiness lasted a little over 12 hours, right up until the Mets announced that deGrom would not be starting on Sunday, but instead was likely to be needing surgery on his ulnar nerve that had been causing him discomfort in his elbow and numbness in two fingers (for 5 starts…. those Mets doctors are really on top of things!!! A pitcher can’t feel two of his fingers!!! Let’s see how long it takes for those fingers to fall off, and then maybe we’ll see about giving him some medical attention!!).

The Mets confirmed on Tuesday 9/20 that he would in fact be undergoing surgery, ultimately ending his season. And I was really sad about it….

deGrom underwent successful surgery on Wednesday 9/21 in New York, and is expected to be ready to go for the start of spring training (3 month recovery time). But I’m sure his arms will fall out of their sockets 6 times between now and then, but the doctors will tell him hes fine!!!!

What a huge loss this is for the Mets, a team built around what should have been rock solid starting pitching. deGrom wasn’t as d(eGr)ominant this season as he was in the past, but he was still pretty amazing, if you ask me and my deGrom bias. (Really though, he pitched really well this season, numb fingers and all).

I’m still grieving, but, the Mets are still right in the middle of a play off push, so those rookies better keep up the good work!! They have huuuuuuuge shoes to fill!!

See you in spring training, Jake!! ( with the other half of the injured starting rotation!!! ) (How is this team not 600000 games under 500?????)

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