Final Nationals Series Recap

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Let’s talk about the Nationals

September 12 – September 14 of 2016, the New York Mets played their final series of the regular season against their division rivals, the Washington Nationals. Leading the National League East division with a 10 game lead over the Mets, the Nationals have now taken 12 of 19 games against the Mets this season. Yikes.

It’s really no question that the Nationals are going to win the division this year. The Nats always have a solid line up. But this season, with the addition of former Mets second baseman, Daniel Murphy, the Nats are like a concrete wall. And the only tool given to the Mets to try to break through it was a butter knife.

The first game of this series took place on Monday night in DC. Rafael Montero took the mound for New York, while it was Mat Latos getting the start for the Nats. Neither of these pitchers have great numbers, nor are they original starters in their organization’s rotation. And boy did it show (for the Mets, at least).

Montero, who has been given many opportunities over the last couple of years to really show his stuff in the big leagues, didn’t even give the Mets a chance to try and win this game. The only reason that Montero was getting the start in this big of a situation, is because starters Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz are both currently dealing with injuries and are still unavailable (sigh). Montero gave up 6 runs in just 1 and 2/3 innings. He gave up a home run to the PITCHER. Come on. After the game, Terry said that someone else will get the start next time around if need be. Montero is done. (thank god).

Personally, I think Terry took way to long to take Montero out, but shoulda, woulda coulda, right??

Mat Latos, former White Sox reliever, actually pitched pretty well. Not well enough for the Mets to only score one run off of him, but he pitched pretty well. Latos had to leave the game due to an injury, two outs away from being eligible for the win.

The Mets lost that one 8-1.

The second game of the series seemed to be going a lot smoother for the Mets, or at least that’s what we thought! Because nothing can ever come easy for us Mets fans, am I right?

The Mets had Noah Syndergaard on the mound, while the Nats sent out rookie A.J. Cole.

As anticipated, Noah Syndergaard pitched yet another gem, fanning 10 strikeouts over 7 innings pitched. Noah was absolutely on fire. He picked up his 200th career strikeout, and seemed to be in cruise control for most of the game. He is truly incredible, but that’s not news!

The Mets took a 3-1 lead into the ninth and handed their fate over to the ever trustworthy, Jeurys Familia. Familia is arguably the best closer in all of baseball, so I usually don’t have too much anxiety when he is on the mound. But this time, boy was my anxiety in for a treat.

After a few too many errors by third baseman Jose Reyes, the Nationals tied the game at 3 in the bottom of the ninth. This was only Familia’s fourth blown save of the year, which is extremely impressive (it wasn’t even his fault.*cough* REYES *cough*…anyway…)

The Mets ended up winning this game off of the bat of the rookie infielder, T.J. Rivera. Rivera hit a solo home run off of another amazing closer, former Pirate, Mark Melancon. This was Rivera’s first major league home run. Pretty impressive! You can stay, T.J., I like you!

Jerry Blevins put the final nail into the Nats coffin, striking out the ever so dangerous Daniel Murphy (and it was extremely satisfying to watch).

The Mets won this one 4-3 in the 10th.

The last game of the series was not so fun to watch. The Mets sent their rookie, Rob Gsellman to the mound, while the Nats had Tanner Roark (he is really good).

Rob Gsellman kept the Nats off the board for 5.2 innings. Yet another impressive outing from the rookie. Don’t hate him at all!!

Although the Nats were kept off of the board, so were the Mets. We all know what happens when the Mets have runners in scoring position, right? N O T H I N G. Nothing happens when the Mets have runners in scoring position. Nothing. Ever.

The Mets would lose this one 1-0. Fernando Salas gave up a solo home run to Wilson Ramos in the bottom of the seventh.

Thank you God that we don’t have to play the Nats again in the regular season. The bats of that killer Nationals line up were fairly quiet as of late, and I can just sense that they’re ready to attack…. noooooo thank you! Bye bye Nationals!! Dare I say… see you in the post season!?!?!?!?!?!


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